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Dr. Angela Agrios, ND
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Los Angeles, CA (Pacific Palisades)

Use Natural Medicine
Abridged Version (part 2)

Chiropractic care began in 1895 when a janitor, who had been deaf in one ear, was able to hear again once D.D. Palmer pushed one of his vertebra back into place. The janitor had a vertebral subluxation in his neck, meaning the vertebra was stuck in an abnormal position. When Palmer moved the vertebra back into position, nerves in that region were able to function again, restoring the janitor’s hearing.  When misaligned vertebrae are physically adjusted into proper alignment, nerves in that region then operate at greater efficiency, allowing the body to more fully heal itself. Conversely, when vertebrae remain misaligned, the nervous system is compromised and parts of the body may not function properly, which can lead to functional problems or disease. Chiropractic care is the process of physically aligning vertebrae back into appropriate positions so that nerve signal flow is restored to full function.

Network Spinal Analysis
Chiropractor Dr. Donald Epstein noticed many years ago that some chiropractors were using gentle touch techniques instead of physical adjustments. He discovered that the gentle touches were encouraging the spine and nervous system to realign on their own. Some techniques worked around the neck area, others near the tailbone, and still others around specific vertebrae. He found that these methods achieved excellent results and developed a comprehensive system that is now known as Network Spinal Analysis, or NSA. NSA practitioners use gentle touches to the spine and tissue around the spinal cord to stimulate the nervous system and spine to properly align. When the nervous system is operating without interference—whether from a subluxated vertebra or tension on the nervous system from the spine in another form—then the body can achieve a higher level of healing and alignment.

Therapeutic massage, also known as bodywork, is one of the most pleasant preventive care methods you can use. Its various forms have been used for thousands of years because it increases circulation, relieves tension and muscle spasms, and stretches and releases connective tissue. Massage can break down or prevent the formation of adhesions, and can actually increase the number of red blood cells. Massage improves muscle tone, and stimulates lymph circulation to assist in the elimination of wastes, lactic acid and other toxins. While an office in a clinic may feel more professional, it’s also very common and legitimate for a therapist to work from a home office, or even to give you a massage in your own home. Although massage therapy isn’t cheap, it’s an investment in your well-being that has lasting therapeutic effects.

Natural Remedy: Flower Essences
Nearly 100 years ago Dr. Edward Bach developed the first system of flower remedies, called the Bach Flower Remedies. He believed that physical problems were manifestations of emotional problems, and that if the emotional problems could be healed, then the physical problems would also be healed. Bach discovered that certain flowers and plants stimulate the body’s natural healing systems and help to stabilize emotional problems. Flower remedies are diluted essences of plants and flowers that hold the healing life force energy until needed. They work with the body on an energetic and emotional level, rather than a physical level. Flower essences are especially useful for traumatic events and emotional duress. They’re chosen based on one’s emotional state and personality type, and can be found at health food stores, specialty stores and on the Internet.

Live Naturally: Improve Your Health Today

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Natural Remedy: Essential Oil Aromatherapy
Essential oils are pure extracts from many parts of a plant, especially the oil essence located between the cells of the plant. These essence molecules are many times more concentrated as an essential oil than in the dried plant. They play a key role in the biochemistry of the plant and act as regulators and messengers. They give the plant its aroma and are believed to protect it from parasites and disease. Pure essential oils easily pass through our skin to penetrate deeply into the tissues, interstitial fluid and bloodstream. Once there, they enhance the natural functions of our body. Simply inhaling an essential oil creates an immediate olfactory response and allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream. Essential oil use, called aromatherapy, is a safe and effective way to promote health and well-being.

Natural Remedy: Herbs
Medicinal herbs for healing purposes have been used for thousands of years. When used properly and with care, they are quite safe, and effective. There are three major classifications for herbs: tonics, specifics and heroics. Tonics nourish cells and organs, and are used for long periods of time. Specifics have a specific job to do for a limited time and fine-tune biochemical processes or enhance the flow of chi. Heroics blast through energy blocks and dramatically move or inhibit energy. Herbs can be taken as tinctures, teas or capsules. Manufacturers make it easy to use herbs by providing both the functional purposes behind each herb, as well as suggested dosages. Dozens of herbs and herbal combinations are available today to help facilitate healing in almost any area of the body.

Chapter 1: Drink Pure Water
Chapter 2: Avoid Synthetic and Artificial Food
Chapter 3: Eat Organic Food
Chapter 4: Shop at a Health Food Store
Chapter 5: Eat Healthfully
Chapter 6: Take Potent Supplements (part 1)
Chapter 6: Take Potent Supplements (part 2)
Chapter 7: Detoxify Your Body (Part 1)
Chapter 7: Detoxify Your Body (Part 2)
Chapter 8: Exercise Regularly
Chapter 9: Build Your Chi Energy
Chapter 10: Use Natural Medicine (part 1)
Chapter 10: Use Natural Medicine (part 2)
Chapter 11: Visit a Holistic Dentist

Appendix: My Health Food Shopping List (Part 1)
Appendix: My Health Food Shopping List (Part 2)

Extra: How to Shop at a Health Food Store