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Dr. Angela Agrios, ND
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She treats a wide variety of conditions
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Los Angeles, CA (Pacific Palisades)

Visit A Holistic Dentist
Abridged Version

Holistic Dentistry Introduction
Holistic dentists understand the importance of a healthy immune system and therefore avoid or minimize controversial materials and procedures that can harm health. Such dentists receive the same training as their conventional counterparts, and perform the same procedures. However, they minimize the use of x-rays, or instead use newer technology that reduces radiation exposure by up to 90%. They use non-toxic materials such as composite resins rather than mercury amalgam to fill cavities. They address root canals and periodontal disease in a holistic, non-toxic manner, and they avoid the use of fluoride, a known poison. Other services may include removal of mercury amalgam fillings and the detoxification of residual mercury deposits. Holistic dentists often work in conjunction with other natural health care professionals.

Mercury Amalgam Fillings
The use of mercury in conventional dentistry is highly controversial, and is probably the main reason to choose a holistic dentist, since holistic dentists don’t use it. Mercury amalgam fillings—also called silver fillings—contain about 50% mercury. Mercury is 500 times more toxic than lead, and the second most toxic substance to Man, next to plutonium. Traditional dental authorities allege that elemental mercury is rendered harmless in fillings because it is chemically bound to the silver. However, studies have shown that mercury vapor does escape from fillings and is then absorbed by the rest of the body, including organs. Absorption increases when eating hot foods or liquids, and when chewing. This low-level but constant mercury exposure can contribute to a variety of health problems if the immune system is compromised.

Root Canals
Teeth are composed of three primary sections: the enamel, which is the outer part of the tooth; the dentin, which is a bone-like tissue that makes up most of the tooth; and the pulp, which containsnerves, arteries, veins, and lymph vessels. If bacteria eat away enamel or dentin, the result is a cavity, which can be filled. However, if bacteria invade the pulp, it will likely become infected, and die. The result is a painful toothache that must be dealt with. The root canal process removes the infected pulp and replaces it with a sterile substance so that the tooth can be saved. Unfortunately, some bacteria might remain, and if the immune system is weak, they may proliferate and cause harm in other parts of the body. Therefore, many holistic dentists prefer an extraction to a root canal to ensure that all bacteria are removed.

Periodontal Disease
Bacteria in the mouth like to collect into a sticky film called plaque, especially in the space under the gums, called a pocket. If plaque isn’t removed on a regular basis, and if the body’s resistance to bacteria is low, then periodontal disease begins. This can progress to create deeper pockets, inflammation, more infection, and bleeding gums. Standard treatment for periodontal disease is surgical removal of the infected tissue and a dose of antibiotics. However, since unbalanced body chemistry and lowered immune function contribute to bacteria overgrowth, the holistic dentist will suggest dietary changes and specific supplements to improve body chemistry, thereby trying to avoid surgery altogether. The holistic dentist will also use deep cleaning to remove calcified tartar stuck to the teeth, and give proper oral hygiene techniques for home care.

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Fluoride & Fluoridation
You might be surprised to learn that nearly all holistic dentists are against the use of fluoride. That includes in their office, fluoridated toothpaste, fluoride tablets and water fluoridation. Fluoride is poison. Fluoride kills beneficial enzymes; attacks the hypothalamus gland; inhibits proper functioning of the thyroid gland; can cause weakening of the bones; and can cause a mineralization disorder of the teeth in children.  It will also diminish IQ, even in small doses. The belief that fluoride consumption will actually result in stronger enamel has been discredited. Furthermore, there are no studies available that conclusively indicate fluoridation—in any form—has reduced tooth decay. Holistic dentists understand this, and therefore reject the use of this poison on their patients.

Chapter 1: Drink Pure Water
Chapter 2: Avoid Synthetic and Artificial Food
Chapter 3: Eat Organic Food
Chapter 4: Shop at a Health Food Store
Chapter 5: Eat Healthfully
Chapter 6: Take Potent Supplements (part 1)
Chapter 6: Take Potent Supplements (part 2)
Chapter 7: Detoxify Your Body (Part 1)
Chapter 7: Detoxify Your Body (Part 2)
Chapter 8: Exercise Regularly
Chapter 9: Build Your Chi Energy
Chapter 10: Use Natural Medicine (part 1)
Chapter 10: Use Natural Medicine (part 2)
Chapter 11: Visit a Holistic Dentist

Appendix: My Health Food Shopping List (Part 1)
Appendix: My Health Food Shopping List (Part 2)

Extra: How to Shop at a Health Food Store