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Build Your Chi Energy
Abridged Version

Chi Energy Introduction
Chi energy animates all living things. Though it’s invisible, we feel it every day. Can’t wait to do something? Your chi is probably strong. Can’t get out of bed? It’s probably weak. Angry, frustrated or depressed? It’s probably stuck.  And a weakened or blocked flow of this vital essence is considered the beginning of all disease. Conversely, when you consciously cultivate and build your chi, you build your health, and your personal power. An example of strong personal power is dealing with an irate individual while having enough chi energy to be calm in the midst of their storm. Such mastery brings invaluable coping skills to one’s life, and can be achieved through the practice of yoga, as well as several martial arts disciplines, including Qigong, Thai Chi, Aikido and Kung Fu.

Yoga comes from India, and involves stretching into a variety of postures. The postures help to integrate the mind, body and spirit, hence the meaning of the word yoga, which is “union.” An emphasis is placed on postures that lengthen and twist the spine to keep it flexible and healthy. Each pose promotes the flow of energy through the nervous system and can assist in the elimination of toxins. But beyond stretching and strengthening, yoga clears pathways within the body. The natural chi energy can then flow straight through, like a laser beam of light, to illuminate the way and provide mental and emotional fitness. Most people experience a deep sense of well being after their first class, and regular practice cultivates an abundance of chi energy for health, mastery and natural living.

Martial Arts
One of the best ways to develop chi energy is by practicing a martial art. There are plenty to choose from, and most of them originated in China. Interestingly, Chinese martial arts came from the same roots as Chinese medicine. Martial artists were trained in medicine, while doctors were trained in martial arts. Monks were both doctors and martial artists, and were practitioners of “energy medicine.” Chinese martial arts are classified as being either external or internal. External arts use muscular force, speed and sheer strength to produce power. Internal arts use chi energy combined with muscle strength to produce power. Tai chi, Aikido and Kung Fu are internal arts. Along with fighting techniques, internal training often includes standing meditation and other exercises to develop chi energy.

Qigong is often considered the root, or “grandfather,” of not only all forms of martial arts, but also of Chinese healing systems. This ancient practice of healing, health maintenance and self-development dates back thousands of years, and current Qigong teachers often come from a long lineage of a particular style. The practice involves posture, movement, self-massage, breathing techniques, and meditation. These practices are designed to cultivate, increase, and refine chi energy. Impure or stale energy is eliminated, while the flow of healthy, pure chi is enhanced. The ultimate goal is to fully develop your body, mind and spirit. With training and experience, you can use qigong for self-healing. When it’s used to heal others, the practice is known as medical qigong.

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Thai Chi
Tai chi emphasizes a continuous movement and breathing system that exercises all the major muscle groups while circulating internal chi energy. There’s no wasted effort because the whole body moves in unison. Each part of the body is balanced by another part while it gently transforms into the next movement. When we consciously direct our movements, we can consciously direct our energy. And it is this circulation of chi energy that promotes health. In fact, regular practice of Tai chi increases strength, stamina, and flexibility, and also reduces blood pressure, improves immune function, and reduces stress hormone levels. It cultivates the link between mind and body, while enhancing balance and coordination. So if you’re looking for a therapeutic chi-building workout, tai chi may be the perfect choice.

The study of Aikido involves character building and self-defense techniques, with an emphasis on winning over the discord within oneself. Aikido focuses on controlling the chi energy centered in the abdominal region in order to subdue an opponent. It works to neutralize an attack by meeting blows, rather than blocking them. This art emphasizes nerve points that, when pressed, can bring down an adversary without risk of serious injury or death. The focus is on freeing oneself from grips, throwing an opponent to the ground by using leverage maneuvers, and then immobilizing the opponent by placing pressure on the joints. During practice, students match their movements to those of others, thereby avoiding collisions and conflicts. They discover their own strengths and weaknesses, build their chi energy, and master themselves as they master the art.

Kung Fu
Kung Fu is a smooth and fluid art form, as each movement melds into graceful action. Properly coordinated chi energy creates the fluidity associated with Kung Fu. This style of martial arts is one of the fiercest and most revered, and requires a strict code of physical and mental discipline. Without strong and flexible muscles, proper body mechanics, and the management of chi energy, many movements of Kung Fu are impossible to perform correctly. Therefore, basics are a vital part of the training, since a student can’t progress to advanced stages without them. Basics training can include stretching, stance work, basic conditioning, meditation, kicking, and punching techniques. However, the practice is worth the goal, because Kung Fu is the ultimate art for chi building and self-mastery.

Chapter 1: Drink Pure Water
Chapter 2: Avoid Synthetic and Artificial Food
Chapter 3: Eat Organic Food
Chapter 4: Shop at a Health Food Store
Chapter 5: Eat Healthfully
Chapter 6: Take Potent Supplements (part 1)
Chapter 6: Take Potent Supplements (part 2)
Chapter 7: Detoxify Your Body (Part 1)
Chapter 7: Detoxify Your Body (Part 2)
Chapter 8: Exercise Regularly
Chapter 9: Build Your Chi Energy
Chapter 10: Use Natural Medicine (part 1)
Chapter 10: Use Natural Medicine (part 2)
Chapter 11: Visit a Holistic Dentist

Appendix: My Health Food Shopping List (Part 1)
Appendix: My Health Food Shopping List (Part 2)

Extra: How to Shop at a Health Food Store