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Dr. Angela Agrios, ND
My very talented Naturopathic Doctor
She treats a wide variety of conditions
Office & phone appointments available
Los Angeles, CA (Pacific Palisades)

Eco Green Products
For Home & Garden
Interviews with Ken Spector & Jean-Paul Rosa

Eco Friendly Products for Home, Garden & Office
Ken Spector gives a quick overview of a few of the many environmentally friendly and organic products for home, garden or office use that can be found at He shows us bowls made from LP records, plates made from palm leaves, packaging embedded with wild seeds that grow when planted, lip balm packaging that turns into soil when buried, and more. Hi, my name is Ken Spector, and I’m representing a site called Living Eco allows green businesses to sell their products through our site. These are plates, okay? They would take place of like, your typical picnic plates, but they're made of palm leaves, and they're just pressed into plates. The difference between these shea butters, first of all, they're wonderful quality.

The shea butter actually is made of wonderful-smelling organic oils, but the biggest difference is the fact that the packaging is fully home-compostable. These are organic chocolates. Now, the packaging is very interesting. The packaging is seeded the paper. So when you're done with these chocolates, you actually can plant the box, and the box will grow into wildflowers.

Tin Can Sally made these. What are these? These are made of baking pans that she’s turned into light switch covers. This is the first compostable package lip balm. Really cool. Check this out. You put the lip balm on, and when you're done with it, you can actually put this in your garden and it turns to soil when you're finished with it – very eco.

Old records that are turned into bowls. Look at that. Bowls! This is actually a lap table. What is this? This is made of bamboo. It’s laser-etched, so there’s no dyes on it, which is great. This is organic cotton and hemp and buckwheat hulls. So this is very sustainable packaging. So if you would like to learn more about sustainable and eco products, and if you'd like to purchase these products, please come to

Eco Green Bamboo Hemp Organic Cotton Shirts & Clothing
Little Filou founder Jean-Paul Rosa takes us on a tour of his eco friendly shirt and clothing offerings made from natural or recycled fibers like corn, hemp, bamboo and organic cotton.

This is Jean-Paul from Little Filou. So we basically are a eco-friendly company. We design clothes, and we have 100 percent organic cotton. We have also different bamboo fabrics, such as bamboo and hemp, bamboo and corn, and bamboo and 100 percent cotton clothing. So I’ll show you exactly what it is. Our 100 percent cotton shirts are sustainable and made locally and they are here in different colors.

We use eco-friendly ink that can be used even for organic baby clothes. Bamboo and corn made by DuPont, which is very soft – it’s like ice cream. We also have bamboo and hemp clothing. The hemp…you don’t want to wear 100 percent of hemp, so what we do: We mix the bamboo and the hemp together to make the shirts softer and less scratchy. We also have 100 percent organic cotton shirts mixed with the bamboo. Organic t-shirts are starting at $18.00, and the most expensive one will be the corn and bamboo shirt, which won't sell for more than $29.00. So if you'd like to get any of our clothes, just go on our website

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