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Natural Insomnia Cure

For over 15 years I have had trouble going to sleep at night. Technically speaking, I don’t have insomnia (an inability to sleep), but going to sleep has never been an easy thing for me. In fact, I'd like to share with you that going to sleep has been one of my greatest challenges! So, although I don't have insomina specifically, I understand the concept quite well. Fortunately, there are things I've done—which you can do as well—which will help cure insomnia (or difficulty going to sleep) naturally, and effectively. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have stress in his or her life, myself included, so the whole thing about reducing stress doesn’t really fly with me. Stress comes from so many sources—financial, relationship, job, school, etc.—that I think it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it.  With that said, I do think we can respond better to stress when we are well rested, and from that point of view, there are natural living ways of getting to sleep that truly work. 

The best insomnia cure I know of is to adopt a natural living lifestyle, which means exercising on a regular basis, eating whole, organic foods every day, visiting a natural medicine doctor (such as a Naturopathic Doctor), detoxifying the body and using natural remedies. Doing yoga several times a week will also reduce stress. 

I’ve tried quite a few natural remedies over the years, and last year I discovered Dream Boost, which is the best sleep aid I've tried so far (in terms of natural sleep aids—and I've tried quite a few!). Melatonin also works very well, but be careful not to take more than 2.5 MG per evening because more than that will disrupt your hormonal balance and also make you groggy in the morning.  I have used valerian root in the past, and it works well.  Magnesium greatly helps, and I use the brand Calm, which is absorbed quickly and designed to help create relaxation. On evenings where I am particularly stressed or I have racing thoughts, I’ll take two Dream Boost, drink a cup of Calm and take one 2.5 MG melatonin. Works like a charm! I'm usually asleep within a half hour. :) There are also many sleep aid herbal teas at health food stores, and those help calm the energies so you can fall asleep more easily.

If you really want to cure your insomnia, I very highly recommend you visit a Naturopathic Doctor and get your hormone levels checked (usually through a saliva test). How and why you go to sleep is deeply connected to your hormones—stress or no stress—and stress will cause an imbalance in your hormone levels. A Naturopathic Doctor can assess hormone levels for you and then suggest herbal or natural remedies and other nutrients to help get those hormones back to where they ought to be so that you can rest and sleep better.

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So, if you want a natural insomnia cure that will truly help you overcome sleepless nights, or help you go to sleep faster, adopt a natural living lifestyle, eat whole organic foods every day, do yoga, exercise regularly, visit a Naturopathic Doctor, try Dream Boost, Calm and melatonin, try valerian root and herbal teas formulated for relaxation, and send me an email telling me how it works!

A Note About Drugs & Insomnia
Zoloft Side Effects: A side effect of Zoloft is insomnia, but the most serious side effects include cleft palate, and cleft lip in newborn children. Women who are pregnant should avoid taking Zoloft.

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