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Testimonial from Danna Brownlee

Dear Larry,
Thanks so much for writing your has made the switch to organic living much easier for me. I became aware of "organic living" in May after reading Kevin Trudeau's book/Weightloss cure. While it reads a bit like an infomercial, my own research on the issues he raised led me to the conclusion that my eating and living habits needed to change. However, it is hard to know where to start! Your book was a fantastic roadmap. It introduced me to some great products and helpful resources for information. Although I haven't made the complete switch to Vegan, I am pretty close...eating live, raw organic food as much as possible. I tried Dr. Anderson's colon cleanse (and read his book) and on day 4 of the 7 day program, my energy level increased dramatically.... and it has remained high.

So, many thanks...and I'd like to share our personal story: I saw your book in Whole Foods and jotted down the name. I looked it up online to get some background info, and ordered it from Amazon. I'm sure you remember what a task it is to change so many of the products that you use, spices, water, makeup, soap, toothpaste etc.  I like to do some research on some of the products before purchasing but I'm finding that there isn't a lot of rating information about organic products. That was a nice feature of your book—I have been happy with all of those recommended that I have tried so far.

My husband decided in May 2007 that it was time to lose weight—at age 44, he was 80 pounds overweight, his sugar count was increasing, his enzymes were too high, was being treated for sleep apnea, etc. He chose one of the "radical" diets...500 calories/day. I felt it would be easier if we were doing the same thing, but my Doctor recommended the Releana diet - which is how I came to read Kevin Trudeau's book. Kevin's book introduced a lot of ideas that I started to research. Your book helped me implement the ideas.

I gave up nutrasweet, splenda, diet drinks...and now use Stevia. MSG is banned forever! I replaced dairy products, non-organic food, no longer drink tap water, installed a shower filter, just received a wheat grass juicer and growing kit (yesterday). I ground my first batch of nut butter yesterday with the new juicer and plan to plant wheat grass this weekend.

My husband drank 1 - 2 pots of coffee day...but has switched to tea and apple cider vinegar (with water with a few drops of Stevia...delicious). I drank a couple of cups of coffee/day until I did the colon cleanse (no caffeine recommended), and after the energy rebound during the cleanse I decided to limit the coffee intake...haven't had a cup in weeks. We are choosing environmentally friendly products and looking for local sources of produce.

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A lot of lifestyle changes....but suprisingly enough none of the changes have been hard to make. We exercise, my husband lost 80 pounds, I lost 30, and we have more energy than we did 20 years ago.  What a difference in four months!  I now get up at 5 a.m. and juice veggies and make a healthy live salad for lunch. Before I barely got out of bed at 7 a.m. and had little energy. I have been on thyroid medicine for two years (gave up most over the counter pills in favor of natural solutions) but believe that I can stop the med based on how well I feel. I will find out in a couple of weeks. My husband no longer has any of the former health issues he was facing. 

I guess if I read an email like this I would be sceptical, but I'm happy to say the changes have made a dramatic impact on our lives and hope that others will give your recommendations a try.

Thanks again for a great book.

Danna Brownlee

The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living
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