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Health Food Store Shopping
Juicing, Kombucha & Coconut Kefir Water
Interview with Yael

Healthy Drinks: Fruit & Vegetable JuicingAnother one of the really easy steps you can take to moving into a healthier path is if you are currently drinking sodas like your usual cola sodas that have some unnatural products in them, I would first take a step into switching to an all-natural soda. That would be a really easy step. They're just as tasty; they're just much more healthy for you. And then to begin from there, moving away from the sugars of that. So one path you can go from there is just moving to like a seltzer-type of soda and you can mix it with any type of fruit juice. That could be an easy step, and then moving away from the carbonation into just a fruit juice. And then to begin juicing your own juices, which is incredible, especially if you are buying organic produce.

You can be juicing organic fruits for a real sweet juice, and then you can move into juicing organic vegetables, which is probably one of the healthiest things you can do: juicing organic vegetables for yourself. Another way you can begin moving away from sodas is if you take the next step from soda to something that’s called Kombucha, and Kombucha is a fermented green tea. And because of the fermentation, it still does have that fizzy, carbonated taste. A lot of them now on the market are mixed with fruit juices, so you get that fizzy taste mixed with a fruit juice, and it has a healthy probiotic in it.

So you're getting healthy bacteria with the Kombucha, and after a while, once you get used to the flavor, it’s like having a soda. Our customers that come here and buy it, they have replaced drinking soda with drinking Kombucha, and they're getting that healthy probiotic bacteria that’s helping their digestion. And then one step further from that or healthier than that is a coconut kefir. It is fermented coconut water, and it has super healthy probiotic bacteria that will also be helpful for your digestion. It doesn’t have the sugars from the fruit juices that some of the Kombucha do, so it’s even healthier for you.

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