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Health Food Store Shopping
Certified Organic Food Is Best
Interview with Brian Kaminski

My name is Brian Kaminski. I am 36 years old, and I’ve been shopping at health food stores probably for about five years now. When you say “health food store,” I think the typical person thinks of a store that sells vitamins and doesn’t really look at the bigger picture. They don’t really see all the organic fruits and vegetables, as well as canned organic food. Just anything that’s better for your body, I think, is kind of what the health food in general stands for. And so I know a lot of times, when people think, “Oh, I really don’t need any vitamins,” or “I’m okay going down that road,” they tend to skirt around the health food stores and just go straight to the supermarkets. But I think if they step foot inside of a health food store, they might realize that it’s very user-friendly and there’s a lot to offer here.

I prefer to, and I think everyone that, I think, goes down the same path that I go. If you're going to do it, you want to go organic; you do not want to ingest pesticides and antibiotics and every other sort of chemical that could be sprayed on produce and vegetables. So you do pay a little bit more, but you really have to look at the bigger picture and ask yourself why not. Why not spend that little…those few extra pennies per pound for fruit or for vegetables when it’s making a world of difference for your body? It’s really not even a choice for me. I seek out organic food because I want to treat my body in the best possible means. 

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